Las Vegas shooting. Why?


When it all looked so normal?

That someone can act in such a destructive manner?

What didn’t get noticed?


Was there a sign?
Where was the sign?
Apparently there was no sign.
And yet in someone’s mind was the potential for such a sick crime.

And more and more this is happening – under our noses – and more widely in America.
More and more it is becoming norm.
Around 11,000 deaths by killings in a year in USA.
The state of mind is in trouble.
And the focus of fear looks to be creating more fear.
And that fear looks to be responding with the destructive aggression that fear is known to create.
And the more we watch the more we fear.

Freedom is being taken away from the people by the people.
Enemies with themselves.
Bitterness spreading as answers are sought.
Blame the guns, blame religion, blame race, blame the world.

And as the blame continues – the distance from the truth is broadened.
The cycle of fear is broadened and so too the warped and twisted mental state.
So too the cracks in the psyche.

And so this cycle continues.
Until the next and the next.

When and how will the healing begin? 

Where will this destructive roller coaster end?

When someone’s mental state is broken, gun or not, intention will find the weapon.
Guns are accessible, and are obviously an easy weapon.
They are not the only weapon.
Removing the access to guns is not the whole solution or holy grail.

Holding on to the fight around guns to change the madness may only slow down and confuse the fact that it is more than that.

People living in this world today need support with how they respond to what they fear.

So when perceived threat arrives on their doorstep, they can choose differently.
So they are more equipped to choose in the act of love as a response over all the ugly distortions that fear brings.


To better grow the much-needed respect for themselves and others too and enjoy people and their community again.
To engage in meaningful and helpful actions as a way of life again and build trust and mutual concern for each other.

Remember the days? 

It wasn’t that long ago when normal looked different.

Just look at how quickly things are spiralling downwards.

So what will it take?

What will it take to unite as a follower of peace and take responsibility for choosing a path that goes against the new distorted normal that is building momentum?

To stand up together and build momentum of another kind – a kind kind – to steer the ship differently?

Or is it too late? 

Or is that already happening and we just don’t see because it is not portrayed by a media?

I hope the under rising of the latter is greater than what it seems, and there are many who sense the urgency for a complete change in direction to save a great nation perhaps even a world as we know it.

Let’s hope the nation can regain a sense of comfort and love within its community and focus on creating positive with compassion and love.

And with tolerance, patience and acceptance- because it will need all of the goodness that humans have within to break the thick wall that fear and its side effects has created.

Anyone agree? 

Anyone up for it?
I feel Now is the time if so.
It might well be the slow path but the alternative is not looking great.

So perhaps our role in this is the small and steady?
With our own talk and approach and ‘tribe’ we stand with to support such a commitment.

What are your thoughts? 

Do you think if the masses – the regular you and me – with our every day contribution to being white light ‘knights’ there is a chance for change?

I hope so…