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BREATHE: action strategies

You may be clear on your vision and have strong intentions to achieve that, however at times extra support may be helpful for many reasons; you may feel physically or emotionally pressured, your time may become stretched in many directions or you don’t have the support or resources to move.


This workshop introduces you to the BREATHE acronym which is a built-in reminder of what IS available when pressure creeps in.

You’ll discover there are a pool of readily available resources to support you in these moments.


Suitable as a personal development session for community, workplaces, organisations and business settings.


This is a hands-on workshop.


You’ll be introduced to each strategy that is highlighted under the individual letters of the word BREATHE.

You’ll be guided throughout the workshop with ways to pinpoint the information to shape your unique collection of support.

You will create your own personal BREATHE toolbox.


You’ll walk away knowing what you can more confidently rely on for support. Specifically you become more attuned to

  • B: the actions that best shift negative emotions that take over.
  • R: the best and most available support people for your varying needs and challenges.
  • E: the resources and information you rely on and best respond to.
  • A: the things that get you moving more readily.
  • T: the things that works in testing times.
  • H: the greatest reason and biggest inspiration.
  • E: the best personal relief and escape strategy.


BREATHE strategies can be applied to any area of your life AND can make a difference.